The Native American Human Resources Association (NAHRA) is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of developing a Human Resources Network whereby members can communicate and share information relative to respective Human Resources Department’s needs and employment practices. The Association collectively addresses various tribes and other entities to enhance professional development for each member. The NAHRA concept began in July of 2000 and was formally established through the passage of NAHRA bylaws in November of 2000.

Tribes who were initially involved in the establishment of and current participation in the NAHRA include the San Felipe, Acoma, Jemez, Five Sandoval, Santa Ana, Santa Clara, Sandia, Cochiti, Santo Domingo, Zuni and Pojoaque Pueblos, Jicarilla Apache, Hopi and Navajo Tribes.

2018-2020 Board Members

President:                 Karen Chino,(Acoma Pueblo) HR Manager for the Pueblo of Laguna

Vice President:      Sonya Yazza,(San Felipe Pueblo) HR Manager for Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Secretary:                Erika Sanchez,( San Felipe Pueblo) HR Assistant Director for the Pueblo of San Felipe

Treasurer:               Andrea Poncho,(Laguna Pueblo) HR Generalist for the Pueblo of Laguna