Learning Series 2021

The Learning Series is designed to provide HR and Operations staff, managers, and executives the tools and skills needed to effectively lead their teams and organizations.  The coronavirus pandemic has placed EXTRAORDINARY demands on our HR Staff and Leadership! NAHRA wants to provide our members and community with training tools and resources to help you manage during these unprecedented times.

04/16/2110 AM – NOONvia ZoomSession 1: How Employers Can Promote Self Care And Wellness During COVID
10 AM – NOONvia Zoom*** Full*** Session 2: How To Be A More Effective Leader
In this workshop, we’ll learn three leadership tools to become more self-aware, understand your leadership tendencies and mindset. These easy-to-learn, visual and memorable tools produce behavior changes and unlock potential when you share them with your team. You’ll leave the workshop with new perspectives to incorporate into your leadership conversations
08/20/2110 AM – NOONvia ZoomSession 3: Managing Different Generations In The Workplace presented by Dr. Drew Dooley, Vision Rizing LLC
In the workplace, there are five generations. What kinds of challenges does this present for today’s employers? How do generational workforce differences affect our ability to manage people effectively? And what are the traits, beliefs, and life experiences that mark each generation, influencing how they work, communicate, and respond to change? Good news and bad news – “one size does not fit all” when it comes to managing the different populations. Please join this workshop to plan your management strategies per generation.
10/22/219 AM – NOONvia ZoomSee Time Change for Session 4: Conflict Resolution Skills For Leaders – Effective conflict resolution leads to higher morale and productivity within a work group.  Further, conflict management is one of the major responsibilities of leaders in organizations. The session will outline common causes of conflict in organizations as well as the evolution of conflict management at work. Participants will be able to assess their preferred styles for resolving conflict and how each of the five styles fit in various situations. Collaboration, in which both parties achieve their goals, will be recommended as the most effective method for conflict resolution in most situations. Guidelines for effective collaboration at work will be discussed and participants will have an opportunity to role play collaborative conflict resolution. 
Objectives of this Session:
1. Recognize the difference between functional and dysfunctional conflict.
2. Discover the common sources of conflict.
3. Learn the five conflict handling modes and your preferred style for handling conflict.
4. Be able to role play effective collaboration to resolve conflict.
5. Recognize difficult people and learn how to calmly and effectively communicate with them.

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